Not sure why your computer is running so slow? Is it a virus? Is your RAM corrupted? Perhaps a hard drive has failed?

ChicoSystems can Do That!

We Provide the following services that will get your computer back up to speed, no matter what the issue is:

  • Virus Removal – We remove an average of 17,000 viruses per year from our clients computers.
  • Speed UP Your Computer – We have the tools and the knowledge to figure out what is slowing down your computer and to speed it back up the RIGHT way.
  • Diagnostics – We’ll figure out what is wrong with your computer and let you know what needs to be done to fix it. NO MATTER what the problem!
  • Hardware Repair – Whether it’s corrupted RAM, a failed Hard Drive or a broken Laptop Screen, we’ll fix it.
  • Free Backups Included – You’ll never lose your data when you trust your computer to ChicoSystems, we’ll back up ALL your data before we start fixing anything!!

These Services may only cost you $25!

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